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Full Version: Im Frizzy's Java App
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Hello. My name is Kyle and i have been working with Java for around 6-yrs now. I have mainly only worked on Runescape Private Servers, but i personally think its a great place to learn, since it covers so many different areas of code.
Here are some projects of mine hosted on git:
#Note: The other people in the author tags did not actually work on this. That was just the default Eclipse Comment i had at the time.
#Note: Most of the BCEL Transformers were not written by me. Thanks to DarkStorm from his DarkBotRS
And finally, my current rsps project. Its not open-source atm, as its not finished and its being hosted. We as a team don't want to release source 'till its finished.
Thanks for viewing, asd if any comment on logic behind code, feel free to speak your mind. Always look to improve~
JavaFX attempt is a private repo, but from what I've seen on the other repos I'll vouch.

Gonna wait for some community input though.
whoops, just noticed that it was lmao. mb
bcel makes me cry

Support for rank. I find it funny how nearly everyone who's ever done anything with Java and bytecode manipulation has done something RuneScape related xD
Support , looks decent.
I've set your rank :D