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Full Version: Want To Join A New Usergroup? READ THIS
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If you're wanting to join one of the knowledge only groups, you'll need to prove your skillset (Or the person your nominating's skillset).

Knowledge Groups:
  • Reverse Engineer
  • Java Expert
  • Dot Net Expert
  • Native Expert
There is also the 'Respected Group', however this is non-apply able. The only way to obtain this rank is to become a community asset (Someone the community relies upon).

Of course there's the Donator rank, for more information on this click here.

On top of these, there is another non-applyable group called TBC Developer, this is only awarded to people contributing to TBC products. (If you've contributed and would like this rank, simply PM konloch with your contribution and explain that you wish to get the TBC Developer rank)

After you've created your thread, the community will vote on if you (or the person you're nominating) deserves that rank.

Always provide proof, this includes examples of source code, pictures of you reversing something, an app you created, or an app you cracked.