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Full Version: DroidJack 3.0
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If anyone has a bin of a more recent version I'd love a copy Smile
[Image: XhPXrGc.png]
I'm sure you know what it does. Ignore the reflection panel in the screenshot, it's from when I was testing the crack.
Awesome job
Machiavelli please check pm
For anyone wondering, crack isn't complete. You can build the apk fully and the android device connects however when you try to interact with said device it checks for a token. When the token which I presume is obtained at log in is unable to be found it exits.
Just a tip!

But i guess that most of you already know it .... Pop N0p N0p the System Exit calls in each Function ...

and voila Token Check bypassed....

I patched my version 80 % ---> but couldnt get Remote Eyes and Ears to work ---> All others working fine...

keep up the great work
This is the official download Smile
(12-28-2014, 07:18 AM)ruden Wrote: [ -> ]This is the official download Smile

Cheers! Any idea what the latest version is? I haven't downloaded the file so I didn't check for any version strings/files.
In the readme file DroidJack v4.0 Smile
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