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Full Version: Applying for usergroups.
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xor / Furze’s Usergroups application.

The example thread wasn’t too clear about what was required so I hope this will suffice, but if it doesn’t let me know and I can change it.

I wish to apply for Java Expert and Reverse Engineer.

Firstly A bit about me:

I have been programming for 8 years now, firstly learning vb (not .net) from my father, who is a programmer. I then started learning Java when I learnt of RSBot and did a bit of scripting for around a year before leaving that community. I then took courses at my high school teaching me computer science basics, during this time I wrote a shitty ircbot in C# and posted a guide on how to use raw sockets to connect to IRC on leetcoders. I then became interested in creating a bot for RS, and joined the vInsert group where I learnt a lot of my java reverse engineering practices.

I have been studying Computer Science at a university and have 6 papers left before graduating.

I competed in the Microsoft Imagine Cup my team got 3rd in our country.
We made a webapp which allows students to crowdsource answers and explanations to their past exams. The team which got 1st in our country went on to win the whole competition and the team which got 2nd was already selling its product to customers (they had entered the year before and was told no one would want it gtfo).

I used to work at an Android Security company before it went under, and now work at the largest Telco in my country mostly doing web apps with Java backends (Yay jboss + jboss fuse -.-’’’’’ ).

Java Expert

I am not too sure about what is required, if you need specific examples of things, please let me know.

Public projects:
A bot exploiting the restful api of a semi-popular iOS and Android game ‘Vigilante: Speak For The Dead’

Twitch Plays Clone - Takes commands from an IRC channel and passes it on to a Visual Boy emulator

Contributed to vInsert and lemon-rs projects:
vInsert bot: a 07RS bot

Lemon-picker: a open source deobfuscation and identifying application

Reverse Engineer

Once again I do not know what you would like to see in the application.

Patched a check in an Android application to see if the device is rooted

I wrote a patch using the exposed framework to bypass two methods in an android application.
The application was a TV on demand app for one of my countries TV providers, I did have this open source on my github profile. However when I was applying for a job with a company related to the company I received a DCMA takedown notice for this (even though it contained no copywritted code) which I took down straight away.  I am going to write a tutorial on method overriding using the exposed framework (when I find an android app and developer who will let me use their app or write one myself..).

I have created a private updater for the runescape 07 client.
There isn’t too much to be said about this, and there is like a billion of them floating around now..

Have been reversing the Path of Exile bot with Bytecode.
While he is looking at creating a Injection bot, I am looking at creating a Packet bot.
We have been putting out little updates on progress, but since this is both of our first native game hacking projects progress has been reasonably slow but we have been learning massive amounts.

I have completed the Picoctf 2013 challenge.
At the start of this year I stumbled upon the Picoctf, I completed it while racing against a friend (Kaden ex vInsert dev). It is aimed at US high school students studying infosec but I did find the challenges quite interesting and some used very recent exploits (the 2014 challenges contain a heartbleed challenge)  

I am also looking to start an CTF team (if anyone else here is interested in that)

I hope this is sufficient to apply for both Usergroups.

xor / Furze
I vote yes to both, you definitely deserve both!

I'll leave this for a couple days to gather some votes, then I'll set your ranks Tongue
i vote both too, im so impress with u Smile good luck for ur rank
Cheers !
If you guys wanted to post some requests for tutorials I would be more than happy to start doing some.
You've got my vote bud.
Set your usergroups, congratulations!
Definetly a yes from me, Even if you already got the group Smile