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hello i try to decompile this exe to get the source files but cannot seem to get and src out of it,  i use  exeinfo pe and it says the warcarto exe is made with dev c++,but not having no luck geting source from it with decompilers. i just wanted the source so i can update the maps inside are outdated  heres link to the catographer files!7gQWFQqI!cLa4r3F4JhwJk...950HsS-FSo any help will be appreciated to download the zip file you need google chrome browser
it is not possible to get the original c++ code from compiled executable because c++ gets compiled to native machine code. imho the best way to reverse native executables is by disassembling. Check OllyDbg ( or IDA / IDA Free ( There are c++ decompilers but i've never used them.

If the stuff you want to update is hold as a resource try Resource Hacker (