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Full Version: 100% solution for background mode
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Hi All... Since am new.. am gonna do a small contribution...
I manage to find the solution for background mode after testing it out on few comp and laptop.
here is the step you need to do..
1) Download Latest BlueStack v0.9 from this link.. which shared in the previous post from dinobot. (version 0.8 will not work!)

2) Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks  *Depend on which windows you using bluestacks folder location might be different*
Look for HD-Frontend -> Right Click Properties -> Compatibility tab -> Tick disabled desktop composition
-> Tick Run this program as an administrator

3) Download and extract the Bot file and register the resolution 860x720.

4) restart computer first

5) Open BlueStack

6) Open the Bot

7) Click on windows button -> type services -> Look for Desktop Window Manager -> Right Click STOP. -> Right Click again RESTART/START

Shadehappy Here you go...You may start BOTTING! background mode enabled,main screen locate successful, troops building Smile
can U make a tutorial clip...
I do like this but background mode not working
thankz really works for me keep on sharing Highfive
(02-04-2015, 12:23 AM)sakoshi Wrote: [ -> ]can U make a tutorial clip...
I do like this but background mode not working

Hi, Sorry to day am busy working not much time to make video clip.

When you at bluestack opened, are you able to go services and stop desktop windows manager? did it change the aero?

It would be better you do a fresh install. Uninstall bluestack, it will promopt you to do you want remove app & setting. Include that as well.

Once uninstall restart your computer before start to install the v0.9 bluestack.
100% works. thanks so much. really helped to me.
not working for me Sad it would be nice if you have a screenshot provided TIA
finally, it works ! thank you very much..
Guys I encountered a problem while installing the BS
error Local C/programfiless/data/____.bsi
which give me an option to retry or cancel Sad
kinda sad because the bot not working on my prev. BS
how about windows 8 ?
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