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Full Version: Gold Pump v1.4.2 (Clash of clans Bot)
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Gold Pump v1.4.2  (Clash of clans Bot)


Gold Pump Features:
- Trains your troops
- Searches for high loot collector bases.
- Automatically raids the base.
- Deploys less troops on weaker bases to minimize time between raids.
- Attacks immediately after Barracks are full. This feature allows you to boost your Barracks.
- Keeps you online for 24 hours.
- Resumes progress after disconnection and breaks.
- Collects Gold, Elixer and Dark Elixer from mines, collectors, and drills.
- Utilizes BlueStacks which is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. You are able to link your Android or iOS account to BlueStacks

Download link

Includes autoit source and exe!JYZgXD4B!Ri324Tutmo...cbPp4Xo70g


i will try this
(02-14-2015, 08:07 AM)atong27 Wrote: [ -> ]what should be the reso?
in the .rar there is a readme file. all the instructions are in there.
can i change the resulotion 800x600?
Is this better than the TBC bot?
too much big resulotion
Hi, no file in the link...can provide other link?
Thanks Frank! Stay update with this bot! Hope you'll update it always.Love your cracks Crysmile.
You're our hero.I hope you're todays superman for helping us :D
thx bro love u so much <3
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