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I've been using J-RET & Re-Java for ages, however I've always never been satisfied with either of them, I really just wanted a lightweight all in one Java Bytecode, Source code and Hexcode viewer. Sadly the only programs that are like this have their flaws.
I'm basing the jar/class loading system from J-RET's, along with the Bytecode Decompiler & FernFlower integration. I'll also be using Re-Java's Hexcode viewer pane. I haven't designed it yet but I'll also be implementing a search feature underneath the file selector.
All of the code panes will be toggle able, so if you don't want the Hexcode, you can turn it off, the same goes for Bytecode & Source code.

Video of Alpha 0.3
Video of Alpha 0.7

Download the jar and source code -

Old Media:

[Image: tx52H4x.png]
[Image: InoG3uC.png]
[Image: QzoADC9.png]
[Image: aS4Kaxr.png]
[Image: iYEiZ3j.png]

I will not be making this a Bytecode editor, once I'm done with this project I'll be updating CJBE and fixing all of the known issues with that.

Change Log - moved to
Updated, added changelog of yesterday and today, along with a current screenshot of the application.
Updated, includes fernflower decompiler options now.
Updated a few things
10/6/2014 - Centered the select jar text inside of the file navigator.
10/6/2014 - Properly threaded the open jar function, now fernflower/bytecode decompiler runs in the background.
10/7/2014 - Fixed the search function
10/7/2014 - You can now add new files without it creating a new workspace
10/7/2014 - Added new workspace button underneath FIle, this will reset the workspace
10/7/2014 - Renamed File>Open.. to File>Add..
10/7/2014 - Added recent files
If anyone can recommend a good Java zip library to use that isn't shit, I can fix one of the limitations listed here: [Image: iYEiZ3j.png]
Looks fucking great.
Keep up the good work.
(10-09-2014, 02:55 AM)Nigger Wrote: [ -> ]Looks fucking great.
Keep up the good work.

Thanks, if you have any suggestions let me know.


10/9/2014 - Started on a Plugin system
10/9/2014 - Added a malicious code scanner plugin, based off of the one from J-RET, this searches for a multitude of classes/packages that can be used for malicious purposes.
10/9/2014 - Added a show all strings plugin, this grabs all the declared strings and displays them in a nice little window.
10/9/2014 - Fixed a bug with Bytecode Decompiler, where it would it display \r and \n as return carriages.
10/9/2014 - Fixed the Bytecode Decompiler>Debug Instructions option.
10/9/2014 - Save Class Files As is now renamed to Save Files As.
10/9/2014 - Save Files As now saves jar resources, not just classfiles.
10/9/2014 - Added an 'Are you sure' pane when you click on File>New Workspace.
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