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Best bytecode editor? - 420 Booty Wizard - 09-01-2015

I want to get into java reverse engineering, I've done a decent amount of java and would like to further this by learning some basic byte code.
I tried the one developed by Konloch but I cant seem to edit the bytecode or figure out how to allow myself to do so.

RE: Best bytecode editor? - zooty - 09-02-2015

There's JBE and dirtyJOE.

RE: Best bytecode editor? - 420 Booty Wizard - 09-02-2015

I found CJ or something along those lines that seems to do the job,
thanks for the help!
(I couldnt fully use dirtyjoe because it wouldnt let me edit anything but hex values and im not that far alone.

RE: Best bytecode editor? - Konloch - 09-08-2015

In BCV there are two bytecode editors, one for android apks (smali) and another for Java classfiles/jars (krakatau).

Simply go into then tick on
Also tick on

Then to compile either go into File>Compile, or go into Settings>Compile On Refresh then click the 'Refresh' button at the bottom middle of the screen.

Refresh will compile, then update all of the panes you've toggled on with the new Bytecode if it was successful.

Quick note about CJBE/JBE:
They're outdated and buggy so classes tend to break very easily, I recommend using DirtyJOE or Krakatau Bytecode.