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Tapatalk - nugu - 12-23-2014

I would love to see the forum on the "Tapatalk" app! Smile

RE: Tapatalk - Fluke - 12-23-2014

Good suggestions! We'll look into it Smile.

RE: Tapatalk - zooty - 12-23-2014

Tapatalk is cancer. Please don't put it on the forums Cryrealsad

RE: Tapatalk - Dan - 12-26-2014

Maybe if there is enough people intrested in it ,Will note it down.

RE: Tapatalk - ow3rk1ll - 02-17-2015

i would love İt if İ can read Coc bot news on my phone using tapatalk Smile

RE: Tapatalk - Konloch - 02-18-2015

We're more thank likely going to instead purchase a mobile theme, if anyone has any suggestions for a MyBB 1.8 mobile theme for around $20-$30 USD, please let me know.