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[The best of the best introduction, 10/10, very best, no other is like mine] Dylan
Hi, my name's Dylan and I like dinosaurs.
You see, I've been a developing programming expert for about six years but Xbox 360 and too much requested sex from the girlfriend has made my attention to detail in the programming and software development field very small (the opposite of my dick). Anyway, I'm interested in having a nice group of people to discuss program development and have a new group of friends on the internet to speak to!

I love music, smoking, vaping, gaming, studying new stuff, Reddit, and some other normal stuff.

I have about one friend in real life and I'm either at alcoholics anonymous (no sillys not that group of hackers) or at my shitty fast food job most of the time I'm offline.

If you notice anything strange in my posting pattern I'm probably watching porn.
Nice to meet you (I've already met Konloch and Happyflap, they're huge faggots but they're decent people who I care about).

- Dylan

On a serious note, the only language I'm fluent in is Visual Basic which they're teaching me at high school, so.
I'm trying to learn Java but I'm only as far as...

public class classname{
    public static void main (String [] args){

I hope to meet a few new friends.
(I'll probably be one of those guys who is asking for help in the Skype chat a lot.)
[Image: 84d39c63fe.jpg]

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[The best of the best introduction, 10/10, very best, no other is like mine] Dylan - by Dylan - 12-31-2014, 03:30 PM

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