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If you worked for Supercell, how would you stop the botting epidemic?
(02-24-2015, 08:07 AM)Hazard Wrote:  What solution do you think is best that can stop the botting problem and also does not affect the average player?

i just thought that maybe the  paid coc bot are organized by sc itself? they do additional income with the bot.

Another thing, since this TBC COC bot as an opensource will be a good opportunity for them to alter the codes and intentionally put bugs in the program that uses  gems for upgrades or buy resources forcing the players to buy gems. This altered coc bot will then be posted everywhere in the web. hahahaha.

So download the tbc coc bot only here at TBC. hahahah Shadehappy
If they wanted they easily could have. A team that developed such a huge and wide game arent that dumb.
Be Wise & Good As Much As You Could
-Mystery7 Shadetongue

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