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LF-Robot Frontend
When I press try the lfrobot u have wrong key any face it? @KeeWay
me too , bug server Saddest(
The have suspended the trial option temporarily. It's on their website
can anyone decompile that exe file of lf ?
Error : run as administator or close antivirus,i do it but nothing
guys i found something
check here
look in the folder COC, COC-ENG and CSC , it are parts of the LF bot , maybe something th!ere !!

If u open the files (.coc) with paint u see the data files (screenshots of pixel search ) its the full pixelsearch database!!!!
Been using the Frontend since it launched, just registered to the forum in order to say thank you @KeeWay for standing up to those greedy bunch at LF, you are our hero Smile

Was nice while it lasted.. Saddest
wow i am away for on day and looks like no trial now Sad...

@Malosa interesting find, looks like they are not doing any kind of ocr just image searching. i was looking at doing some image searching with autoit (tesseract/imagesearch.dll) earlier but could not get any kind of accuracy but found this Link but it is using C# but looks promising.

@A.E thanks, yep nice while it lasted. I agree if it was more like $5 per month i would be fine with paying that but not $20....

I'm using the trial right now, i'm fairly sure its still up.
but you can't do it every 50 min i think

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