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REQUEST for bot
i have a request for a castle clash bot the game is really simillar to coc so i was wondering if u could rework the existing bots or something to make one for castle clash

sorry for posting in coc forum for this but i didnt know where else to post it
the gameplay might be similar but there are many differences in games like buttons' positions, pixels' positions and values, message display, waiting time,.. that needs to be rewritten for it to work. I'm not saying it's not possible but if you can give me exact details of what the differences are (since I don't play castle clash) maybe I can help you.
exactily what info do u need so i can get it
Going to move this into the 'Other' section of Game Cheating, since it's not exactly related to Clash of Clans other than game play style.
any update on this guys?

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