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[Android] CoC Bot Developement
If you're still looking for people shoot me a PM, I've been thinking of tapping into some Android RE for a while.

My main background is Java Development/Reverse Engineering.
If you need any help on the management side of things, I'd be keen to join the team.
I run multiple networks, servers and I work for an ISP in Australia; Also a freelance coder.
I can host anything you need (e.g. the downloads for the bot, an authorization server or even just a website).
Chuck me a PM here and I can chuck you my contact details - I'm sure there's something I can help with.

P.S If anyones old enough to have botted in runescape classic, I was part of most of the management and development teams, including the first Object Character Recognition (OCR) system for CAPTCHA words to 'sleep' in runescape. (Was also a part of sleepwalker, the alpha one where it sent a screenshot and someone could type the word for you with a rewards system).
P.P.S - Haha, Last note, I run an IRC network ontop of everything and I think getting a CoC IRC channel going would be great for the community, maybe even Konloch has an opinion on this.

Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you, if you use steam, feel free to find me at '/id/dfaktzl'
I am interested also.

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