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Simple Reflection
I'm currently working on a small project called simple reflection, I've decided that I'm going to turn Seethe into an RE toolkit of sorts, Simple Reflection will simply be the pure rsps cheat client version of it.

This will probably be available in the next few days, it will require a Bytecode Club account.
Yay! Lets go Simple Reflection. Hoooray :D
Small update, SR has been released, you can download it on the official thread.
where is the official thread?
(11-17-2014, 05:56 AM)Butterfly Wrote:  where is the official thread?

It's been removed, Bytecode Viewer 2.1 will implement features that are very similar to this.
Runescape Private Servers are not too hard to create, since there is so much documented code for it. the protocols are easy to figure out, since theres usually only one or two methods in the decompiled client that contain the specific protocol (ex, Login). The only bad thing is working with the deobfuscated and decompiled client. the current deobfuscator the rsps scene uses is called RSGD, which uses ASM to rename pretty much everything. It uses JODE to decompile.
The annoying thing in using this is the output. 1) integer obfuscation is quite annoying. 2) theres usually 3-5 methods for each method that is used scattered in the client that look exactly the same. Only difference is the method that is used has one more parameter than the others.
public class Class178 implements Interface71 {
int anInt7432;
String aString8343;
double[] aDoubleArray4849;
public void method7294(int i) {
aDoubleArray4849[i * -839272623] = 0;
public void method7324(int i, int i_0_) {
aDoubleArray4849[i * -839272623] = 0;
as you can see its quite annoying at times, but still manageable.
with that being said, cheat clients arent really need (unless you cant get a good acc on a rsps with boosted xp rate and easy gp within a few days)
With That being said, it is fun to use cheat client to destroy the eco of a hosted server that you (personally dislike, or just for fun lol)

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