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[Windows 7 Users] Cool your laptop/PC solution
Are you running you're bot 24/7 and worried that your laptop/PC is getting hotter than you would like?
Follow the below settings for a guaranteed big drop in temperature.

This method is for Windows 7 users

Step 1
Go to Power Options from the Control Panel or the system tray menu.

[Image: Power-options.png]

Step 2
Now go to Change Plan Settings –> Change Advanced Power Settings.

[Image: Change-Plan-Settings.png]

Step 3
In the new window that pops-up, expand Processor Power management –> Maximum processor state, and reduce the on battery and plugged in power settings. The settings you keep will depend on your preferences and the capability of your system.
I have a reasonably good laptop but found that with Bluestacks running my fan most of the time would be screaming and my laptop generated quite a bit of unwanted heat which I used to worry would shorten the life.

[Image: Power1.png]

I have lowered my CPU max rate down to 75% and have noticed very little difference in performance but a huge difference in running temperature and that my fan seems to not even exist anymore.

You can experiement yourself and pick a value that suits you're preference but with extensive testing I am able to run Bluestacks and still use my laptop to stream media and browse the net as normal and have noticed zero performance dip
Nice, thanks!
please share your PC Spesification Smile
because every processor has a different state, usage (if runing a same program), and temperature depending on many factor :D
Think as said, different spec and configuration. I think all these is trail and error. Reduce bit by bit to see what is ok for u...

Nice Envyus.. My fan is working hard... Will play with this later...
Nice tip Envyus!
Will try it now on my notebook...
wow great tips, thanks mate, I've tried it and indeed the fan is not as noisy as before
Tried this and it's great!

I just let my PC run the whole night with lowered processor rate to 50%...
[Image: sigpic4011302_1.gif]
Thanks for this tutorial

I put 75% in setting ..

My cpu temp 50% 49% drop to 40% 41%
Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart - Psalm 37:4
Thank you will try it out!

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