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CBT is recruiting!
TH9 player want to join. Please PM me the clan name.
Hi just a quick note for people who are interesting in joining:
(02-11-2015, 01:09 PM)koko5566 Wrote:  To join the clan:
  1. People who are interested and have met the requirements please drop me a PM to get the clan details.
  2. Clan details as well as a personalized codes will be sent to you.
  3. Mention both your forum username and the code when sending a request to join the clan, this is to exclude randoms from joining.
  4. Once accepted into the clan, you will be given the right to view a clan-only subforum. Remember to read the rules and post anything clan related there instead of the clan chat.

And please allow PM in your profile, none could send you code + clan details if you have it disabled.

Peace out
pm me the clan name please..
Hey I have PMed you
Hi, I have pm you requesting to join.

Hey I pmed you

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