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League of Legends Helper Tool (LOLHT VIP)
Hey Guys!

I realy love this forum, i would like to participate more, but my english is not realy good.

Well, some of you may noticed that theres, since i think 2 years a very very usefull "hack" for league of legends.

It´s not realy a hack, but it helps you rly a lot - you can see what skills your enemy hav skilled, what abilities he used and the cooldown of it (flash etc.)

You can see in real time the respawns of the camps and much much more!

I used that tool for quite a long time, but its very expensive.

My question is now, would it be possible to crack it? To my bad, im not a coder, i have no idea of coding myself Facelineside but maybe some one could "crack" it.

You guys had made a hilarious bot for the biggest game on android/ios, maybe you can get this also to work, for the atm greatest esport game on the market!  Highfive

Thank you guys! i realy appreciate your help!
Lol broo.
There's a Programm called "bot of legends " and "leaguesharp (L#)"
Search for them . Better Programms and much more funtions like Auto evade skillshits
i like xzonereactors lolht because its sooo damn easy to set up, and it got all i need

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