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Cool! Thanks
FFY00 Approved Applications 2 3,113 05-06-2017, 10:35 PM
    Thread: Question of obfuscated jar.
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You can use JMOT.
FFY00 Java Reverse Engineering 1 12,443 05-06-2017, 10:28 PM
    Thread: Application
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I'm new here but I think I've a chance on being accepted as 'Reverse Engineer'. I've been in reverse engineering for a while now. I've mainly worked with Java applications and Hardware (mainly Radi...
FFY00 Approved Applications 2 3,113 02-19-2017, 08:07 AM
    Thread: RE my java application
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PM me, I can help.
FFY00 Java Reverse Engineering 1 2,641 02-19-2017, 04:13 AM
    Thread: Mr.Robot ( Best TV Show EVER! )
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I watched Mr. Robot and didn't like it much. The core storyline is almost the same as Fight Club but hacking related.
FFY00 The Lounge/General Discussion 4 22,685 02-19-2017, 04:12 AM
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Hello, my name is FFY00 (aka AnubisCore) and I'm from Portugal. I've been working with Java in the last few years and I've grown a interest for bytecode. I also program other languages like PHP, Pytho...
FFY00 Introductions 0 1,508 02-19-2017, 04:08 AM

About The Bytecode Club

We're a community focused on Reverse Engineering, we try to target Java/Android but we also include other langauges/platforms. We pride ourselves in supporting and free and open sourced applications.