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Crack KingsBot The Best Bot For Clash Of Kings
Application name: KingsBot
Application description: the best bot for Clash Of Kings
Application download :

plz make Crack for this bot , the game is so good more than Clash Of Clans which i have max village and i drop it because of Clash Of Kings but expensive *_*

the bot have 1 hour trail if you can't make a crack , can you make the trail last for ever Smile
I am interested in finding a crack or null script to make this bot's trial full version also
Alot of people want this, originally it is made for the king game but now they made the bot for Last Empire War Z which I play
Would anyone here be willing to crack the license on this bot? I could pay

Please let me know too if you have the solution.

The license is too expensive, it's use the same method like COC bot but protect with time limit sync to the server.

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