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DroidJack 3.0
(12-28-2014, 08:27 AM)ruden Wrote:  In the readme file DroidJack v4.0 Smile

Ok cool, I'll take a gander at this within the next week or so.
bro that crack version work? i get error of token when select any function.
while compiling APK, i am getting "Oops!Something went wrong! Sorry!Sad" Any solution for this guys?
i have been trying to crack version 4.0 i managed to identify the main class that loads but still my crack is not complete
the coder must have modified this version you guys are more than great if any one has a clue please tell me this will speed the process much more
link to my almost crack :!wRdQyRSL!4A4aFUW34POaN_qaGXCfbMZkEUI9w5-RqwqtxAss2E8
when i try to test the droidjack "Java Exception has occured" pop out what does it means and i uninstalled my java platfom and reinstaledl a fresh copy but still the problem pops out .currenly using Java version 7 update 51
java updated to latest and worked
Its saying that " Java exception has occured "
guys can check that version 3.0, becouse the "crack" have a error becouse can't use any function.
(12-24-2014, 12:41 PM)DarKnight113 Wrote:  Just a tip!

But i guess that most of you already know it .... Pop N0p N0p the System Exit calls in each Function ...

and voila Token Check bypassed....

I patched my version 80 % ---> but couldnt get Remote Eyes and Ears to work ---> All others working fine...

keep up the great work

Did anyone get this to work? I don't understand what you mean by "Pop N0p N0p the System Exit calls in each Function" Can somebody help please?
hello everyone, any updates on cracking this?

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