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Add awards
(10-24-2014, 10:46 PM)konloch Wrote:  
(10-24-2014, 03:44 PM)Sunos_CA Wrote:  
(10-24-2014, 11:52 AM)konloch Wrote:  I was thinking instead of awards, usergroups.

I just need someone to make some userbars for me.

How about awards AND usergroups? That'd look even more sexy.

Also, for awards if you add them, take some off of an icon site.

Good luck finding someone to make userbars also. I'm horrible at art so yeah...

Some usergroup suggestions:


Skid - brand new user
User - has been active for 24 hours and has posted at least 5 posts (konloch)
Engineer - verification that they can do basic java by you (konloch)
Reverse Engineer - verification that they cracked 1 program (konloch)
Reader - verification that they can read basic bytecode (konloch?)
Writer - verification that they can read AND write basic bytecode
Master - verification that they can read AND write intermediate bytecode
Professional - verification that they can read AND write full 100% bytecode


Cracker - verification that they cracked 25 programs (konloch?)
Leaker - verification that they leaked 25 programs (konloch?)


Admin - an admin of The Bytecode Club (konloch)
Moderator - a moderator of The Bytecode Club (you should make me one; I'm great at moderating)

Exiled - banned by an admin or mod
Executed - permanently closed account


Java Learner - user is currently learning java. If no basic java skills prooved within 1 month, then this rank will be removed from the user.

Java Beginner - user knows the full basics of java.

Java Intermediate - user knows the standards, basics and additional thing sabout java.

Java Masta' - user is a prooven professional on java (konloch).


Grammar Nazi - good at grammar

So yeah.

You should make me a mod Smile

Tongue, I'll look into it.

Do you know of an awards plugin for MyBB 1.8?

No, as I never heard of MyBB 1.8. I guess we'll have to wait for everything to update.

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