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Would be better hexadecimal viewer/editor useful?
while I'm not very familiar with this tool and used other tools for decompilation before, I would like to ask, if better hexadecimal viewer would be a useful change.

As I'm working on some free hexadecimal editorĀ, so the question is if I should try to incorporate it?

As I see it either:
  • Current hexadecimal viewer is sufficient and no better hexadecimal viewing capability is is needed
  • Working directly with binary data is just not primary task of the tool, so maybe plugin could be implemented, but that's it
  • Current viewer could be replaced, maybe as an PR

[*]So, I would like to know if I should try to write something or if it's not worth it.

[*]Best regards,

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Would be better hexadecimal viewer/editor useful? - by hajdam - 05-30-2020, 11:38 PM

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