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Developing Bot
(12-23-2014, 01:14 PM)GkevinOD Wrote:  Hello sorry it took so long, I manage to find the problem and fixed it.
I actually rewrote some of Antidote's functions:

This should fix the problem!

TYVM... is now working will test a little longer but looks to be great!!
for the current version you dont need any exe files anymore.
just the bot.au3 and the GkevinOD.au3 thats all.

Tesseract has been removed so no exe anymore. if u wanna run the bot you need autoit though to either compile it or run it out of autoit!
(12-23-2014, 01:46 PM)korpsx Wrote:  @GkevinOD, i think i was able to run the exe way before (when Antidote provided it) without having autoit installed.
Did you need to have the au3 files or could you have run it without it?
anyone of you guys got problem here:
"$Pixel = PixelGetColor(351*$x_ratio, 455*$y_ratio, $HWnD)
If $Pixel = 13645880 OR $Pixel = 13645881 OR $Pixel = 13645888 OR $Pixel = 13645889 OR $Pixel = 13645890 OR $Pixel = 13645891 Then"
my bot is recognize the background pixel, not popup barrack pixel... :\
i have camp fire full, and still training forever.
(12-23-2014, 01:57 PM)GkevinOD Wrote:  
 $Pixel = PixelSearch(351*$x_ratio, 455*$y_ratio, 351*$x_ratio, 455*$y_ratio, 20, 1, $HWnD)
 If IsArray($Pixel) Then
$FullArmy = True
sorry, but why color is 20 ?

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