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The rules are pretty simple:
1) Don't post anything illegal (linking to warez is ok).
2) Show respect to all of the people on the forum.
3) Professionalism is expected at all times. We take for granted that you as a member have read these rules and plan on following them. This rule is a generalization of forum rules out there, in other words, no off-topic posting, grave digging etc.
4) Plagiarizing other peoples content will result in a temporary ban.
5) Advertising other communities will result in a permanent ban.
6) Do not post the compiled bin, we're an open source community. In other words, always include source code.
The rules have been updated, we advise all members to read them.
= = = = Here to help. Pm if you need me. = = = =

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About The Bytecode Club

We're a community focused on Reverse Engineering, we try to target Java/Android but we also include other langauges/platforms. We pride ourselves in supporting and free and open sourced applications.