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Sub 200 cup farming (th10)
I posted in a different thread about sub 200 cup bot farming but didnt get any response. I decided to drop down and see if the sub 200 cup land of milk and honey that i had heard of really existed.

As i dropped down i saw absolutely nothing appealing, i saw some bases that offered 0g and 0e. Even at 200 cups there was nothing. I decided to set trophy limit to 150. Once i passed 190 i was shocked. It immediately went from th5 and 6 with no walls to th8, 9, and 10 with massive amounts of loot. Im talking 400k+ of each. Every single search below 170 was a great hit opportunity.

The reason i was so curious was because i figure this is where dead farming bases end up. Bases with th outside that always lose trophies, even by a th5 attacking the th.

I wasn't quite as right as i thought. All these bases had mega loot, but it was in storages, not mines. It would be a great place for my max GoWiPe, but its incredibly hard to stay there. I logged off for 5 minutes to go to the restroom and had 90 new trophies. Ppl will not snipe your th down there. They will hit your th for most of the 1k loot it holds, then quit, guving u 40 more cups.

Have you tried this? How did you do?
I've never tried this mainly because it's so incredibly hard to stay there. I did do a few raids on a friend's account that was down there, and it was pretty sweet, but not worth the effort really. If you think you can stay down there then yeah (in all honesty you can't, when you get kicked out after 6 hours you will get about 100 new trophies), being able to farm with about 30 goblins each raid is incredibly appealing.
You can use a screen clicker like this to keep you from logging out. Now, it won't get you past the 6 hour limit, but it still has it's uses.

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