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is it still worthy to downgrade my windows 8.1 laptop to windows 7?
Hi TBC, i just like to ask advice to all of you. I have Acer E1-572G laptop. 4GB DDR3 Ram, Core i5 but sometimes it feels laggy while running 24/7 bluestack with TBC Bot and browsing internet using firefox.

I'm thinking to downgrade it to windows 7 but i'm worried if i can revert it someday including the windows license because all the latest windows laptop now doesn't have the sticker activation code under the laptop.
Yes, windows 8/.1 sucks

Also I recommend piracy :D
Windows 8.1 is the same thing as Windows 7 (srs, open cmd and type ver)
Just stay on Windows 8 or install gentoo
[Image: 7rL6Nl0.png]

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