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Someone PMed me a Scam!
Quote:Mephobia Offline
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Radiation Today, 06:12 AM
The Ultimate Clash of Clans Bot for your every need! (Designed by the original team of the developers who left TBC because of the greedy owners who now charge for the "donations", but really started shifting the bot towards commercial software against the original idea to keep it completely free)

http://virus do not click!!

The newest open sourced and most frequently updated "Clash of Clans Bot" is now ready.

With a development team of more than 10 people, working with 2 different languages, we can guarantee you the best experience. Our developers are highly skilled and love what they do. As a result, we bring you the best Clash of Clans Bot there is.

Unlike many other bots out there, our bot is open sourced. It is because of this that you will know for a fact your account is safe. We will never even ask for your account information! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and be a part of a revolution!

http://virus do not click!!

This seems like a scam it was pmed to me... please llok into this Devs.
If I helped you in some way, I woud Appreciate it if you gave me a Reputation. Smile
Thank you for the report, that user has been banned. We ask that members please be aware of PM's such as these and they that DO NOT CLICK ANY OF THE LINKS to keep their computer secure.
yeah i got one too. may be that's a spam bot.
Ex-devs got all pissy and started their own site.
Spammer is banned now.

[Image: 7rL6Nl0.png]

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