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TH8 lvl 80 Big Loots 2 weeks
Hello guys, I share my loots today, if you wants ALL my seetings it is after the pictures.
It is only some loots, I have 400 screen with an average of 250k gold per attack for 2 weeks.

[Image: DeVUglw.jpg]
[Image: TP1tvTe.jpg]
[Image: W10N9hK.jpg]
[Image: rhoWBbv.jpg]
[Image: dS0LkrK.jpg]
[Image: fpy4zI1.jpg]
[Image: vRKQ7bQ.jpg]
[Image: KwYOApr.jpg]
[Image: z3SaR7h.jpg]


-Farm in:
Gold 1 - Gold 2 - Gold 3 (I recommend Gold 1 & 2 but I never went to cristal so I can't say)

200 archers (Full archers)

-Attack on all side equally

-Meet Dead Base

-Meet Gold AND Elixir
Minimum Gold: 180 000
Minimum Elixir: 0    (As you can see in some screens I am very often full in elixir)

-Only days, I shut down my PC at night but I will try with a VPS!

-No Gems boost

-Bot v5.5.1.1 (Not 5.6.4 yet because very buggy)

I can make 6M a Day with this settings (I begin before going to school at 7 A.M)

Tips: If you go away when you are botting you can use your smartphone to remote your PC with TeamViewer (it is free) to make sure there is not bug or something else.

Thanks for watching Smile
Suggestion: Set the minimum to 130k on dead bases. You'll get more attacks in giving you more loot at the end of the day. I average 200k per attack, but end up with so much more loot.

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