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Planning Upgrades?
TH9 with 100 level 10 walls, rest level 9.
King: upgrading to level 11
Queen: upgrading to level 12
All elixir upgrades complete aside from troops
Almost all defenses have 1 more level of upgrades.

How should I plan out the rest of my time in TH9. I'm in a clan with a lot friends, we do wars 2-3 times/week. I currently keep 2 builders on heroes at basically all times, 2 builders hitting defenses, and 1 free for walls. However, my defenses like I said are basically max TH8 level. Should I put heroes and walls on hold for a couple weeks and knockout max defenses? I plan on being TH9 until I am completely maxed. I am making good overall balanced progress, but I want to be more valuable for wars. Thanks

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