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Any "good" Android/iOS bots?
So my PC isn't always available to use the bot. I use it for work and gaming and Bluestacks seems to slow down my computer when doing other work.

Are there any good bots for mobile? Dummysprite is pretty bad since its a free trial and there's no dead base function. Is there any other not that's in development or working good?

Sorry for bad English, my second languageĀ 
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Hello Xyber,

Personally, I have been using XModGames on my Android devices. The XModGames bot is definitely not the best bot out there, but it's free and it does have quite a few features.

Here's a list of features in the current version:

- Visible Traps: See traps (ie, bombs, spring traps, air mines, and skeleton traps) when you "Visit" a village.

- Customizable Auto-Search: Search for bases that meet certain conditions such as: having X amount of lootable Gold, Elixer, or Dark Elixer; having the potential to earn over X amount of trophies for winning; and/or being townhall level X or lower.

- Keep Active: This function keeps your village active/online (infinite shield). However, you must have the game opened and you must prevent your device from sleeping.

- Sandbox Attack: This feature allows you to launch "sandbox" attacks against villages when you visit them. So instead of seeing the regular visit screen, you see a battle-like screen where you can drop troops and practice an attack strategy. Once the battle ends, the game crashes and the battle is not recorded to the Clash of Clans server.

This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but perhaps you would find features like "Keep Active" and "Auto-Search" userful.

All the best,

PS: I also have issues with bluestacks slowing down my PC, so I understand that can be a pain.

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