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What's the story with
I've been here since the beginning (before this forum erupted) trying to get an open-sourced, 100% free bot working. Due to personal reasons I had to take time away from CoC, as well as this forum.

Coming back on now, I see that all development has moved to, and they're now a tiered VIP now? Where you have to pay a monthly fee to access all the features?

When did this happen? What's the story behind it? And Konloch, are you directing traffic to their site in exchange for commission/money? Even if it is, I'd understand why, as you have to monetize this site one way or another (operating expenses need to be covered). Just wondering why this big exodus occurred, as I really enjoyed the collaborative nature this site provided originally.
Long story short: Kids got mad over donation money so the ones working on the bot left, I didn't have time to dedicate towards making a bot for a game I don't play so I passed everything over to the clashbot team, including our clash of clans userbase.

Closed to prevent clash of clans spam.

HMU in pms if you've got any more questions.

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