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I'm back you cuntheads.
After at least a year from closing down my older account, I decided to come back to the bytecode club with a niger proxy and learn about some java bytecode get meh sum CoC bot!

I was gonna sell Ku Klux Klient for minecraft awhile back but since my design for its banner was in MS Paint and so shit I never released it and it will always stay private.

I remember this place being filled with skids who want the cock bot and now i'm here to be one of them contribute some Java codes!

I named myself Sunos because it's a pretty honestly nice fucking sounding name and I actually was trying to name myself after an operating system. I tried WinB, Max, and Lunux but none really looked so great. Then, I remembered about Sun Operating System. I tried SunOS, and it looked shitty. Then I lowercased the 'OS' part, and the best username I've seen in my fucking lifetime appeared... Sunos.

Pronounced: Soon-Oh's

I like the Ku Klux Klan becuz fuck dem niggers and also, Konloch, where the fuck did the basscode theme go.

Thanks and helllooo!
I'm here for the cockbot, man! Gemme some o' dat CoC bot!
hello sunos, i too, master noodle, livest again.

it is great to see you back
never 2 late baby, adding the basscode theme right now.

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We're a community focused on Reverse Engineering, we try to target Java/Android but we also include other langauges/platforms. We pride ourselves in supporting and free and open sourced applications.