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I have a problem in the program Blaustacks

how r u today??

good afternoon guys
I have a big problem ... unfortunately I am new in the world of Android
My problem now, when he worked on the sb game hacker , show message says ((Client and server out of Sync))
note that I Blaustacks from users of the program ..
When my research in your forum, unfortunately I did not understand what is to solve the problem and what is coc bot ....
Please, please, please, .. I want a solution to this problem appear in the game Clash of Clans


These are some of the solutions did not know where I find


$SearchCount = 0
While 1
If _Sleep(1000) Then ExitLoop (2)
GetResources() ;Reads Resource Values


COCBot > function > search > villagesearch ( edit script )



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