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Why download newer BV Versions all the libs afterwards?
Why download newer BV Versions all the libs afterwards?

In BV 2.9.3, there was BV one big jar file with all needed libs included. That was ok.
But now in BV 2.9.8 and 2.9.9 preview 3, it is a little jar file, which loaded at start time all its libs over the net. Why?

Is it possible to create additional to the current packages, an all-in-one package again?

If it have license-reasons, because you have only the copyright on your code and not the libs, then you could bound all together in one zip-file.

I don't like, that everytime at the start libs are loaded over the internet. And if some libs are removed or moved in the inernet, BV can't find them and older versions of BV then no longer working correct?

Please come on again, with all in one packages.

it was to stop 40mb distributions each update
There is a 'farjar' version which contains the libraries packed.

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