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Developing Bot
same problem, when d.elixir appears...
bot stop.
Okay I will work on fixing that soon.
(12-23-2014, 05:16 PM)GkevinOD Wrote:  Okay I will work on fixing that soon.

I am having the Dark Elixir issue too, hopefully you found the way to fix it. let me know if you needs any screenshot.
Oh ya, when you have giant troop, the troop dropping will pop out an error. i am skipping giant training for now.
Thanks a lot for helping to fix the errors Kevin. Latest errors all relate to func ReadValue, which run fines on my machine but may fails on other computers. For non-dark value, y will be off by +1 or -1, and base x,y might be 52,93 or 53,94 accross different computers. Both checksearch and returnhome also use your code, so it's quite important to get it right. Can you name what you edited so I can update it in my code easier? I've just added Dark and Trophy search mode and still testing for errors.

[Image: 2ihksns.png]
Updated code. include GkevinOD's fix, giant's fix & out of sync error check (haven't tested)

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