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Developing Bot
Glad to have all errors fixed for you guys. I just tested and out of sync error is handled properly (if stuck in search screen for more than 30 seconds it will click Reload and run from beginning). To look for deadfish (or specific town hall, defense, ..) it will have to do imagesearch and I haven't got into it. But it will definitely be worked on soon.
I have to break shield to test and my village got raided constantly after the 1 gem barrack boost lol
just got out of sync error.
restarted, worked Smile if you implement the same counter to the mainscreen function you would probably even fix the "forced break"-message wich appears after 6 hours and lasts about 5-20 minutes
I think I know what the problem is. Barrack's location is stored in configs.ini file, when you run the bot on your new village, it will overwrite values for your first 2 barracks but the other 2 are still there, (bot was clicking on what supposed to be your barrack's location in your previous account). I will update the code to handle this, for now you can just simply delete configs.ini and run it again, it should fix the issue
Suggestet config for good attacks?
(12-24-2014, 01:13 AM)mikypark Wrote:  Suggestet config for good attacks?

right now use 2x barbarian and 2x archer.
gold and elixir depends on your level. 80.000 is a good value.
im playing in silver II and mostly use 100.000 for both and gut hughe loot with it Wink

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