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Developing Bot
the latest d/l links are like 4 post above your post im pretty sure
After reading through the thread, and seeing the work everyone is putting in, I was motivated to help out. I'm not too savy with coding, though I intend to give it a shot. However since I'm jumping in after you've all created a function bot, maybe I can help lower barriers to entry for new users by drafting an installation and user guide.

Edit: solve my problem below... I've ran into this using other bots, but generally I have to do a full computer reboot to have the resolution changes be effective

[ At the moment, I'm struggling to get my setup off and running. I wasn't able to enable the option within Developer Options. My bluestacks doesn't show this under settings, and I have checked to make sure I have the latest version.

Assuming that's not the problem, I'm next having trouble with locating the barracks. What is the step by step here? Do I hit start and then Locate Barracks, or just Locate Barracks? Then, I've gathered I need to click on the actual barracks to map them out. (side note, I created a new account for testing purposes and only have 3 barracks. thoughts on this working?)]
Very concerning... I got the bot to run after identifying my barracks. Troops trained, was waiting to observe search function... Bot clicks on plus sign next to gems, selects $9.99 gem pack, and buys gems using my default payment option....

Now, I got the gems so I guess whatever. But what in the hell just happened....
(12-24-2014, 07:34 PM)Antidote Wrote:  @Squrl: Very sorry for that.. What happened is it misclick on barrack (either because you have less than 4 barracks or barracks location not set up properly) and continue to click train troop, then click close barrack (this is where it misclick plus sign in buy gems as it's the same location). I have edited to fix this issue (updated in same link in first post). Can you try again and if you notice it misclick the barrack, just press stop immediately. Once barrack is located properly, all next run won't have any issue

Hey Antidote, yup that makes perfect sense. The gem purchase went through because my barracks were located at the same X/Y coordinates as the confirm purchase button, imagine that lol.

I grabbed the newer version, and your setup for 3 barracks is working great!

From experience, the trophy drop feature of LP is really useful. Any plans to work on this implementation? I'm thinking given my shocking first attempt, a beginners guide could be very useful Smile I think I'll start drafting tomorrow

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