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Developing Bot
Which version of BS that works? The latest one does not have the Developer Option section, thus cannot select the Force GPU thingy.
I wrote a simple program flow so it's easier for everyone to know exactly what happens in each step

Program Start
Press Start
Bot check if screen is static
If static, press reload, wait for 6 second then check again
If detect screen changes, move on to zoom out
Press down button to zoom out until detect specific color in 4 pixels location (indicate max zoom out)
Check if barrack's location is set (not 0).
If barrack's location is set and selection is not Barrack 01,02,03,04, proceed to train troop (click on barrack, click train, click on selected troops 65 times, click close). If detect red color in barrack training (indicating full army camp, set $FullArmy to true)
Proceed with other barracks
If $FullArmy is not true, wait 30 seconds in train again
If $FullArmy is true, proceed to attack (press Attack, Find A Match, Break Shield)
Proceed to check search
If not detect gold value, wait for 0.2 seconds
If not detect gold value for 15 seconds, check if screen is static
If screen not static, press Next to proceed to next village
If screen is static (Out of sync error), press Reload and start from beginning
If resource value match search criteria, proceed to drop troops (clicking on troops then click along the edge)
After finish dropping troop, wait for battle end (detect if gold doesn't change for 30 seconds)
Click return home (or end battle, yes, return home)
Start over.
(12-24-2014, 08:17 PM)Antidote Wrote:  @goondar: yes the button is indeed position dependent. just now I noticed there was one button missing on boosted barrack, but the bot still manage to click on training (maybe it was the overlap). Can you provide a screenshot so I can take a look at the position?
Here u go:
[Image: base.png]
(12-24-2014, 09:53 AM)kojometa Wrote:  G/E works fine Smile
what resolution do you use? looks pretty big
[Image: oa11f9.png]

for expample why skip this enemy ?
[Image: 1zbbc6h.png]
Minor suggestions,
A G+E+T option would be nice. If you attack someone with 33 trophies for example and fail you will only lose 17. It would allow you to stay in a higher league while you farm. Another somewhat related suggestion would be to add a trophy dropping option. It doesn't seem like it would be too hard to implement. It is basically the same as your attack except you only send one troop and click surrender immediately after. I would also suggest a more spread out attack pattern. One I haven't seen used by bots is essentially where you quickly circle the perimeter . It has the benefit of a four way attack but instead of spawning a large number of units on a side at once and looking like a bot it simply trails along the perimeter like a person mine do with one finger.

edit: Looks like someone already suggested the trophy dropping suggestion, my bad.
Confermed: as soon as the boost expired, bot is back training troops without issues.

A little new bug: sometimes the bot stop searching and freeze without outputting anything
Bot does not search villages

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