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Developing Bot
Anyway how do you guys get to use king and queen?? My queen is always being upgraded if not i will have an overfilled de storage...
[Image: 4bf757a627.jpg]
Stopped working after about 2h
Yup I have the same problem as Zealous and usually it only appears when search is around 250+. I currently have 4gb ram x64 i7 system. Since it's in the attack function, I think it has something to do with the loop and memory. But I'm not familiar with those. I don't know if Antidote is referring to that same problem.

I don't know if we can use this.. Just found this in a forum:
Func _ReduceMemory($i_PID = -1)
   If $i_PID <> -1 Then
       Local $ai_Handle = DllCall("kernel32.dll", 'int', 'OpenProcess', 'int', 0x1f0fff, 'int', False, 'int', $i_PID)
       $ai_Return = DllCall("psapi.dll", 'int', 'EmptyWorkingSet', 'long', $ai_Handle[0])
       DllCall('kernel32.dll', 'int', 'CloseHandle', 'int', $ai_Handle[0])
       $ai_Return = DllCall("psapi.dll", 'int', 'EmptyWorkingSet', 'long', -1)

   Return $ai_Return[0]
EndFunc   ;==>_ReduceMemory

In order for me to use the bot without hanging.. I created a temporary crude quickfix on a separate au3 to restart the bot and Bluestacks after attacking. I'll then have the risk of being atkd once in a while. I just had to make this work as I am taking auto screenshots for skipped zombies.
I have the same problem as Zealous and Atoz. I hope it can fix in the near future Sad
(01-03-2015, 03:16 PM)zealous Wrote:  [Image: 4bf757a627.jpg]
Stopped working after about 2h

Same Problem here! Worry
(01-03-2015, 04:49 PM)ehsanslipknot Wrote:  
(01-03-2015, 03:16 PM)zealous Wrote:  Stopped working after about 2h

Same Problem here! Worry

Just like what dinobot just said..

Please stop posting the same pictures and the same concern all over again.. That is already spamming. That was posted awhile ago. If you're posting a reply, kindly remove the [img]***[/img] codes and replace w/IMG or *IMG*. Thanks.
any fix for troops loops? barack loops error??

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