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(12-16-2014, 06:34 AM)Bibl Wrote:  i smoke sometimes, not very often though, for fun
very illegal though

Me too.
(12-16-2014, 04:21 AM)Konloch Wrote:  I'm interested in the community's view on cannabis, have any of you smoked it? What're you opinions on it? Do you actively smoke it?

Personally I've been smoking it chronically for the past few years. My opinions range, I can preform tasks much better when I'm sober, so lately I've been balancing between being stoned all day and being sober. I'm slowly cutting down from smoking daily to smoking once every other day.

What about you?

I smoke once every week or maybe once every 3 days, i use it like you would drinking on occuasions when i want to relax or chill. I'm literally useless when i'm high for example last night i got high when i planned to finish my RS 07 BOT, i ended up watching all episodes of Mr.Robot ( Great show would reccomend, i think it's on it's 4th ep rn very new.) But yeah i never smoke if i have plans bad idea.

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