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LF Robot Infinite without Scripts!!!!!
I wonder why i didn't think of this before!
just start the robot and click try and then change your computer date and time to a few days back. Now look at the time remaining at the bottom of the Robot! It added as many days you went back! Highfive
I thought about it but didn't tested it. Anyway LF robot is toi buggy to be usable.
Doesnt Work
It works you can adjust the time the you wanted but After the 1 hour trial the bot is not responding.
Work ??
Can anyone confirm if this works once you past the initial 1 hour trial?
I tested it a week ago and after changing date it add more time but after 1 hour robot stop working. Maybe on New version it's work but I don't test it.
this method does not work, it change only on bot gui but not on timer, the timer is always on 1 hour period, i already tested it awhile ago
maybe this method does not work - but im able to use the try button every hour! like in the past - but i didnt tried it without changeing the date
so we should beable to use the resetscript again

i used the newest version!
Are you not getting ban?

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