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looking for a tool that reveals obfuscated code as human readable code
Hi, currently I am using dex2jar to decompile apk, however I can't properly read the code because the app is proguarded. Im just wondering that there is a tool to reveal any obfuscated codes as human-readable code.

thank you in advance
You could try using FernFlower's -ren option during decompilation, to do this you'll need the fernflower.jar program, you can download it and read more about doing this here -
This won't deobfuscate the application, but I would recommend looking at Virtuous Ten Studio. It makes reverse engineering Android apps very easy. Even proguard obfuscated apps are easier to understand.

Virtuous Ten Studio is completely free and it is very useful. You will receive a popup asking for a license key every time you start it, but all you have to do is press the "close" button. The license key is just an optional donation to support the authors' development. You do not receive any extra features by entering a license key, but it helps out the developers and you no longer get the popup every time you start the program.

I recommend checking it out. Here's a picture of their GUI: (Warning: large image)
[Image: t610iHm.png]

Their application is like the Microsoft Word 2013 of APK editing. (Both in layout and features.)
There really isn't a way to get the original source that the developer created.
[Image: 7rL6Nl0.png]

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