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Hi I'm Cov

I'm an RS cheating scene old timer, around since 07/08 I think, can't entirely remember when I started. Been at most of the more recent big bots (iBot, rsbot, kbot, SRL to name a few). I've done everything from scripting to developing bots to teaching/helping some of the newer guys. Most recent RS project I worked on was the Aurora/OSBuddy project that's now vInsert or Lemonbuddy or whatever it's called now.

Stumbled across this place because of Barr posting a link here for his PoE map hack in an IRC channel.

I'm a professional developer, mainly as a UI developer using .Net and WPF.

Usually known around and about as Cov, A_C or simply Matty.

So yeh hi guys!
Welcome to TBC! I saw your tutorial, very good work on it.
A_C!!!!! Hey! Bounce

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