Poll: Feature?
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Request/Drop clan troops

5 7.58%
Drop King/Queen

2 3.03%
More stable overall

12 18.18%
Working dead base

10 15.15%
Better attack algorithms

11 16.67%
Bot in the background

11 16.67%
Anything! Just want frequent updates.

15 22.73%
Total 66 vote(s) 100%
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Most requested feature?
What is everyone's most desired feature that they would like to request?

i would like an option to just keep game alive when your resources are full with auto donate and troop creation at same time
just need it to be more stable and can run in the background for now...other features can be added later slowly
A honest answer? Fix stability/Crashes/Blank erros and then is a good idea spend time to other Feature Wink
I believe for now the focus should be on stability and ensuring it works flawless for everyone. Once that stage is reached then additions/enhancements should be added.

Just my opinion however, keep up the great work guys!
ive been using 5.3.4 that was released 2 days ago and it's running fine for me i can say it's STABLE.

now for my suggestion: (in order)
auto donate/request and use cc troops
using barb king / archer queen skills
collect collectors
Auto Wall Upgrade Smile)
A legit request would be to allow us to donate wizards. I use my second coc account as a wizard factory. Thank you for your hard work guys Smile

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