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v 5.3.4
Pre-Alpha v5.3.1 Update Log
modify GUI to avoid hang/blank GUI (need further testing)
modify _sleep function to be used for out of sync check (may bypass 6 hours break in theory but need further testing)
optimize main screen check to avoid repeated restarting of bluestacks
modify training to fully queue troop when full army before attacking
modify idle so bot still drop trophy when army full
modify droptrophy so it will check for next button when dropping trophy (old version wait for 5 seconds which might not be enough)
fix problem when bot not finding train troop button on slow machine
increase maximum down button for zooming out to 30 (20 sometimes is not enough)
fix "Subscript used on non-accessible variable" error (using OSArch as AtoZ suggested)
Include new image for dead base search from dinobot and AtoZ in experimental version v5.3.1 (exp)
It includes new images by dinotbot to search for deadbase, if you enable zombie mode it will output screenshot in AttackedZombies and SkippedZombies folder so you can test later if there are false positive or missed one. It will help optimize zombie search a lot if you can send those images to us. Thanks a lot.


GkevinOD is developing a very interesting feature and he will release it once it is done. This version is mainly to sort out current issues before new features are added.

Attached Files
.rar   v5.3.4.rar (Size: 126.44 KB / Downloads: 607)
.au3   COC Bot v5.3.4 (exp).au3 (Size: 90.58 KB / Downloads: 129)
.au3   COC Bot v5.3.4.au3 (Size: 87.53 KB / Downloads: 116)
thanks Smile
502 bad gateway on current link.

edit: its back up
File attachment will be added soon so we don't have to deal with 3rd party file hosting anymore.. Also this is modified directly from v5.3 and there's some modifications by others in the old thread as well but I can't find it. Can you guys posts it here so we can get all the latest code?
thanks. i check this forum every hour lol. more power antidote!!

where to post bugs? here or on the other subforum?

it still didnt drop all troops. 5 tries.. it left me about 29 arch 1 barb
Thanks for uploading Antidote.

But there was problem in old version that bot didn't work after 2 hours

is it fixed?
hmm not sure if im stupid or sumthing but i cant get this to workTongue it wont find my barracks even if i locate them manually
I don't have much time for testing lately (seconds computers broke down) so I'm afraid fixing old issues might create new one.. Can you guys describe it a bit more detailed so I can fix one by one?
@draiyan: I will look into drop troop again (GkevinOD rewrote most of it so I had to be careful not to create more issues). Btw what's your troops compositions? (how many of each type?)
the stop or blank GUI problems is likely to be fixed, but I will appreciate it if you guys can help testing it. For now you can posts issues here first. If I see some common issues I will move it to Bugs Reports.
hmm i getting i need to run the 860x720 but i have done this twice and still gets it... could anyone take a printscreen of there regedit inside BS?
This is the content of the registry file

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


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