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v 5.4.0
I just wanted to get it out there to check if it works for everyone.
*Note that deadbases will be skipped if BlueStacks is hidden so atk all bases if you are planning to use Hidden feature for now.

Pre-Alpha v5.4 Update Log (GkevinOD):
-Added background function
-Removed getBSpos() Function, not needed
-Optimized search function
-Added _ReduceMemory() for both BlueStacks and the Bot
-Added some of the features of 5.3.x from other developers
-Added custom PixelSearch to work with Background function

Pre-Alpha v5.3 Update Log (GkevinOD):
-Fixed random factor to only work during attack.
-Fixed restarting loop
-Added error message when Dead Base cannot be used.
-Added Drop left over troops
-Removed moving BlueStacks
-Added DropTrophy function in idle

Pre-Alpha v5.2 Update Log (GkevinOD):
- Added Kaz's functions
- Fixed checkMainScreen function
- Added Two and Three sides attack in Barch Algorithm
- Increased speed in troop drop for more productivity
- Added a clear textbox once in a while

Pre-Alpha v5.1 Update Log (Kaz):
- Able to save position of GUI window
- Added Random Factor to be able to randomize the delays (avoid bot detection)
- Able to log now - under /logs (mainly for debug)

Pre-Alpha v5 Update Log (GkevinOD):
*Barch is the only one available right now.
*Attack all sides only work right now also.

-Added Barch attack algorithm
-Added Dead Base mode

-Fixed Bot stopping when cannot find train button
-Enhanced speed

Recommended settings:
150k Gold, 150k Elixir - Gold+Elixir Checked
Dead Base mode
Barch Algorithm
Attack all sides equally
Use Barracks - Half Archers, Half Barbarians


Edited by Antidote: Since GkevinOD is having issue attaching file, I'll attach it here so people can easily download, with func FindPos & GetBSPos to fix locating barrack issue

Attached Files
.rar   v5.4.rar (Size: 99.28 KB / Downloads: 333)
.au3   COC Bot v5.4.au3 (Size: 84.25 KB / Downloads: 126)
Attachments should be working, if they're not please LMK.

GJ on this btw!
Good job, Loving how it's turning out will report if find anything wrong.
@Konloch I don't have an attachment option. Also what is LMK.
Lol.. Let Me Know...
I also can't see attachment icon
Oh haha, well I'm not really familiar with some of these abbreviations.
I'll fix this right now
@GkevinOD You rock man! Working great at 150k Gold and Elixir.
Are you sure at the end of the page you don't see the attachment section? [Image: 8JTzmP2.png]
@Konloch Yes it is not available for me.

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