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v 5.4.0
I just wanted to get it out there to check if it works for everyone.
*Note that deadbases will be skipped if BlueStacks is hidden so atk all bases if you are planning to use Hidden feature for now.

Pre-Alpha v5.4 Update Log (GkevinOD):
-Added background function
-Removed getBSpos() Function, not needed
-Optimized search function
-Added _ReduceMemory() for both BlueStacks and the Bot
-Added some of the features of 5.3.x from other developers
-Added custom PixelSearch to work with Background function

Pre-Alpha v5.3 Update Log (GkevinOD):
-Fixed random factor to only work during attack.
-Fixed restarting loop
-Added error message when Dead Base cannot be used.
-Added Drop left over troops
-Removed moving BlueStacks
-Added DropTrophy function in idle

Pre-Alpha v5.2 Update Log (GkevinOD):
- Added Kaz's functions
- Fixed checkMainScreen function
- Added Two and Three sides attack in Barch Algorithm
- Increased speed in troop drop for more productivity
- Added a clear textbox once in a while

Pre-Alpha v5.1 Update Log (Kaz):
- Able to save position of GUI window
- Added Random Factor to be able to randomize the delays (avoid bot detection)
- Able to log now - under /logs (mainly for debug)

Pre-Alpha v5 Update Log (GkevinOD):
*Barch is the only one available right now.
*Attack all sides only work right now also.

-Added Barch attack algorithm
-Added Dead Base mode

-Fixed Bot stopping when cannot find train button
-Enhanced speed

Recommended settings:
150k Gold, 150k Elixir - Gold+Elixir Checked
Dead Base mode
Barch Algorithm
Attack all sides equally
Use Barracks - Half Archers, Half Barbarians


Edited by Antidote: Since GkevinOD is having issue attaching file, I'll attach it here so people can easily download, with func FindPos & GetBSPos to fix locating barrack issue

Attached Files
.rar   v5.4.rar (Size: 99.28 KB / Downloads: 333)
.au3   COC Bot v5.4.au3 (Size: 84.25 KB / Downloads: 126)
Attachments should be working, if they're not please LMK.

GJ on this btw!
Good job, Loving how it's turning out will report if find anything wrong.
Lol.. Let Me Know...
I also can't see attachment icon
Oh haha, well I'm not really familiar with some of these abbreviations.
I'll fix this right now
Are you sure at the end of the page you don't see the attachment section? [Image: 8JTzmP2.png]

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