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v 5.4.1
Some bug fixes:
- I'm out of time I'll say what they are later Tongue

Please test it and provide feedbacks Smile

Edit: Update fix for bot restart... v5.4.1(2)
Edit2: Realized that -5000 per 20 searches is too much so I dropped it to 1000, I'll add a gui for customization later... v5.4.1(3)

test big thx
This occured right after "Client and server are out of sync."
[Image: 3QTC17U.jpg]
The old version would usually just restart the app after this error.
@missileplatypus Okay thanks, I accidentally cut off a part of the code that makes it restart, I'll upload the update now. Just re-download in a minute.

EDIT: Updated! I don't normally get the error so I'm not fully sure it will work.
what is Random Factor and what is the recommended for it?
Updated again v5.1.4(3) some minor bugs fixed Smile
@blindpick In this version I actually removed its functionality so it does nothing. Before it randomizes the time of troop deploy, but made very small difference. So it will not change anything right now just there for now Smile
i'm trying it right now, so far so good! it's best to set it to dead bases?
I'm using set B of the ZombieFunction, pretty good for me so far. Make sure it's shown when you have dead base though.
Random factor is used to randomize the sleeps and I was going to use it for clicks too to make it less robot like!

Cool with the release! Will test tomorrow!

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