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Update log v5.4.2
-Fixed hang issue and memory leak issue, mainly.
-Some other improvements and bug fixes.

Update log v5.4.2.2
-Added Collect functions by @Kaz
-Added option for background, if it doesn't work use disable it.
-Some other minor bug fixes I can't remember

•Background function does not work with some Windows 7 users.
•DeadBase functions will ignore bases when bluestacks hidden!
•"*If you used 32Bit, use 64Bit." is a constant message meaning it gives that message to everyone who is using the wrong version.


~Old versions~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*If the bot does not detect mainscreen and is stuck on a loop, please provide these informations:
-A screenshot of the window (don't resize)
-System OS (e.g. Windows 7 64 bit)

*If the bot hangs/whitescreen then provide these information:
-System OS (e.g. Windows 7 64 bit)
-Screenshot of Memory Usage and Cpu Usage (Task manager)
-The log from the bot
-A screenshot of the window (don't resize)
Thank you gkevin! will report back in a few hours
not deploying cc troops for me but it's only 1 try. i check again when the bot attacks
@Everyone, forgot to add images folder so i updated it right now
I just checked the code. Brilliant solution! I will definitely try this out now. It seems that this will work! Smile
Hi GkevinOD,
i'm new here.
just tried V 5.4.2 and the Bot stuck at trying to get to main screen
but i don't know how to add a screenshot
i'm using Windows 8 64 bit
@xiionqz Click on the bluestacks window press : Alt+PrintScreen : then paste into Paint, save and upload somewhere. Just post the link of the image and you can upload here :
@GkevinOD ok just uploaded. Here is the link
@xiionqz Run this script, it takes a screenshot of bluestacks.
If it is black then tell me, otherwise upload the image it creates
@GkevinOD The screenshot is black. is that a problem?

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